Most of you will know it: The next birthday in the circle of friends is just around the corner and you start looking for a gift: How expensive should the gift be? What does the person like? What hobbies are important to you? Finding the perfect gift is often not so easy for us, even among private friends and family. But when it comes to finding a suitable gift for your own employees, it gets even more complicated. In this blog article, we briefly show what needs to be considered when looking for a gift and give tips for gift ideas!

Why are employee gifts important?

Employee gifts help companies to express appreciation and recognition towards their employees. In addition, the motivation of the employees can be increased by small gifts and they work more productively. Another important point is employee retention. Small gifts can strengthen the feeling of commitment and the fluctuation of a company can be reduced.

What should be considered when choosing employee gifts?

Employee gifts should primarily bring joy and express appreciation towards the employees. In any case, avoid standard gifts, as this will not surprise the employees and shows that not much effort was made in planning the gifts.

In addition to standard gifts, it is also an advantage to know the interests of the employees. The goal is to find a gift that will make everyone happy. It helps that some employees from different age groups and different genders are interviewed. This way you can better estimate what the recipient will be happy about in the end. You can also consider which gifts have been well received by the workforce in the past.

It's also important to start planning ahead of time. Daily work is often packed with important to-dos, meetings and deadlines that need to be met. If it then occurs just in time that employees will soon have their birthday or that the planning of the Christmas presents has been lost due to all the tasks, the time stress begins. However, so that this does not happen, it is worth marking important dates in the calendar early on and planning possible gifts.

GIVEAJOY gift boxes as a gift for employees

GIVEAJOY has developed gift boxes that make it easy to show appreciation to employees. On the one hand, there are prefabricated gift boxes that are suitable for various occasions, on the other hand, there is also the possibility for companies to create individual gift boxes. Companies can choose from a large selection of start-up products, brand their own gift box and enclose greeting cards with personal words.

An employee gift from GiveAJoy: The Vitalboost Box filled with treats and a Ginger Shot Classic.

Ginger shots from Kloster Kitchen as a delicious employee gift

A delicious pick-me-up in the morning or a cool freshness kick for a clear head in between - the ginger shots from Kloster Kitchen are something for everyone! The Classic, Turmeric and Pomegranate flavors are available in two different sizes - perfect for the office. Do you want to do something good for your team? Then Kloster Kitchen is the right choice!