How it all began...

It was the year 2015. Our company founder Mario had just returned from a mountain bike trip in Austria when his wife Vera presented him with a farmer’s market souvenir in a shot glass. He waved it away. Alcohol is not really the answer, even after sport. Vera insisted that he try it. Which he did, reluctantly. With each sip, his eyes grew wider. And then he suddenly broke into a smile. What came next was like the primal scream of the first Franconian on the planet: “Wow, this is really damn tasty. Everyone needs to know about this.”

At the heart of our business: an old monastery recipe.

It’s true that we are picky about it, and have to set the record straight:
Our products are not based on some ginger mix recipe, but on an old recipe handed down from a monastery kitchen. This one came from said farmer’s market and simply had to be introduced to the world.

With pieces.

The difference is simple: While other producers mainly combine some kind of juice with a bit of ginger concentrate, we add real pieces of ginger to our shots. These not only make for an exceptionally delicious taste, but also for a tangible drinking sensation.

A “gingervention”, as it were

Driven by the power of ginger, and like a cross between Gyro Gearloose and Thomas Edison, Mario fiddled around until he came up with a suitable manufacturing process. One which enables us to produce more of our delicious drink without sacrificing the crucial careful processing and the chopping of the ginger into fine pieces. Today, we have two production sites in Germany and Austria and have already shipped more than 35 million servings of our unique ginger shot around the world.

Find out why it is so important to cut the ginger as finely as possible and even more information on ginger under Ginger expertise. .

Organic and vegan for pure nature.

While we want to introduce our products to as many people as possible, one thing was clear from the start: a natural product like this needs the best ingredients. And because Mario can’t grow everything in his own garden, we source our products from selected organic suppliers. What is more, you won’t find any preservatives or artificial ingredients in our products.

So cool yet non-chilled.

Our manufacturing process makes it possible for our products to remain unrefrigerated until they are opened. This way we do not need to use refrigeration to ship them and can make a positive contribution to the carbon footprint. Once opened, however, you should store the product in the fridge. We prefer to drink the shots nice and cold anyway.

Unsere Story: So sehen unsere 3 Ingwer Shot 12SHOTS aus. Die drei Flaschen stehen ungekühlt auf einem Tresen und warten darauf, getrunken zu werden.

In a league of its own.

Time and again, many supermarket managers scratch their heads and wonder: A ginger shot with real pieces? Should I put it next to the fresh ginger in the vegetable section? Or with the juices? Or with the smoothies in the chiller cabinet, although I don’t need to refrigerate it? The answer is simply: Yes. All of it works.

But because we can’t be in every section at the same time, you might need to search for us a little bit. Our tip: Simply order online with free shipping here and let DHL find you instead of spending a long time looking for Kloster Kitchen yourself.

But if you prefer to buy our products in the supermarket, you can find an overview of where we are stocked here. For any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line via our contact form or our social media channels. Looking forward to hearing from you.